The Sum of All Beers

New brew by numbers IPA. Less bitter than the #6nations result

New brew by numbers IPA. Less bitter than the #6nations result

Saison in the bottle. Still cloudy after 6 weeks in the fermenter, but tastes really good. FG 1.005 down from 1.054 for a 6.5% ABV. I am glad I bottled into 330ml bottles now!

Desk beers. Because 7 hour planning sessions need a break. Drink #homebrew

Desk beers. Because 7 hour planning sessions need a break. Drink #homebrew

Samiclaus Austrian strong matured lager. Nom.

Sometimes this hobby makes for some tough explanations. Yet another weird product delivered to work.

Unfined Beer - Moor Beer Co - Pitney, Somerset

Good summary of what cloudy/hazy beer means. It has been associated with poor quality beer for a while now, but the attitude is changing.

Beginner Brew Days

Not that it is a new year, people think about starting new positive habits, or making other good changes in their life. For some folks, that means Dryanuary or something to put the brakes on excess, lose a bit of weight or get healthier.

For my social circle, they are all getting into home brewing in a big way. Some actually got brewing gear for christmas, or are serious about trying it out. I am a social brewer, in that I make my beer for wide consumption; parties, BBQs, post-closing time beers etc. So this means that my beer has been widely sampled. I don’t tend to share anything which I don’t think is good, so they are consuming home brew of a consistently decent standard.

I am not championing myself as a master home brewer here. I have worked to research and correct flaws over the last year, and as a result none of my beer now possesses flaws that would put it out of the enjoyably drinkable range.

This encourages people, especially those who may have consumed very dodgy home brew in the past. So I am the go-to guy for advice.

But brewing is a doing skill, not a learning skill. Knowledge and theory can inform and improve the results, but practice is the only real teacher. This presents a problem for me, as I can’t really help people that much due to the time consuming nature of the hobby.

It is only practical if they follow along with me, help out and try and get a sense of the process and the work involved.

Brew Daze

Last sunday I invited the most interested people over to observe as I did a double brew day. This was a risky venture, as it takes me 5-6 hours to brew and clean up. I ran the risk of it dragging past midnight. This venture was testing the water, I wasn’t depending on assistance, but hopefully somebody might have been around when there was some heavy lifting to be done.

It was a fun day, though a lot of hard work for me. It was also a very useful lesson for me: 2 brews in one day, 1 beer pitched, 1 mess to clean up. Thats how I am going to roll from now on.

As an educational experience it was just a start though. People really need to get their hands dirty, backs sore, and observe the process from start to completion, to properly understand what is going on.

But the big lesson here is the Super Sunday - 2 beers one day. It places me in one location for a while, and if people turn up at the right time, they can get taught up.

I haven’t scheduled my next one yet. Will wait until I am ready to pitch the second of the beers we made last sunday. That should form a good rhythm.

So I will be scheduling my next super sunday for sometime in the next 3 weeks. Watch this space for details.

Mashing in, BIAB style. Way easier with 2 though.

Mashing in, BIAB style. Way easier with 2 though.

DMS-be-gone process. Patent Pending

DMS-be-gone process. Patent Pending

Jan 9

Prof. Bill Graham - QUB - 'The Physics of Beer' at Wed 29 Jan 2014 at Belfast Science Cafe

If any of you peep are about for this, I imagine this will be a fun presentation